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Break Up Cuck Elena Koshka Aria Taylor


Break Up Cuck Elena Koshka Aria Taylor

Bold Elena Koshka shows up at her lover Aria Taylor’s the morning after Aria promised to have broken up with her girlfriend. What a surprise when tall Elena finds them still sleeping in the same bed! Elena will stop at nothing to have a taste of brunette Aria, so she climbs into the bed and dominates Aria with her girlfriend sleeping right next to them. Elena shoves Aria’s lacey panties in her mouth and worships her beautiful big tits. When Aria’s girlfriend wakes up and catches the two of them, she agrees to stay for a cuck session; Aria’s girlfriend better take notes, because Elena is a master of pussy pleasing!

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Break Up Cuck Elena Koshka Aria Taylor
Break Up Cuck Elena Koshka Aria Taylor


Minnesota native Aria Taylor has learned the importance of seizing the moment when the weather is warm to get outside every chance she gets, whether she’s being active and hiking, or just chilling in a hammock and watching the sunset. But not even the beauty of nature can outshine this stunning brunette’s angelic face and mouthwatering curves! In any setting, Aria and her big pierced tits, tiny waist, and bumping booty will always draw every eye, and luckily, you can bask in her gorgeous good looks all year round!


Didn’t Elena Koshka’s mama tell her not to play with food? Filling up on fruit is one way to keep a pussy juicy, but this Russian-American camgirl gets kinky for edible insertions! These sweet dildos were Elena’s favorite on-camera treat, before porn started evolving her tastes in 2016. Needless to say, this 6-foot tall goddess stands out in the LA crowd! Maybe it’s from growing up in Portland, or reading enough novels to fill a small library, but Elena Koshka is truly free-spirited. She’s a natural nymphomaniac on-set, who dazzles with raw sexual energy–and you won’t be able to turn away! But when the spotlight is switched off, this Slavic sex kitten returns to being a shy, bookish nerd. Her whimsical life consists of painting, visiting vegan cafés, and sunbathing in her garden. You’re invited to bask under the glow of Elena Koshka’s turquoise eyes tonight.

Date: August 28, 2023