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GrandPervs 2 Rita Daniels Jackie Hoff Chong Dong full video


GrandPervs 2 Rita Daniels Jackie Hoff Chong Dong Full video

Spooky season does something to people. Rita Daniels is a nasty grandma down for anything especially after she allows her granddaughter to throw a Halloween party at her house. When she catches her husband, Chong Dong licking and fucking partygoer, Jackie Hoff, instead of getting upset, she joins in on the good time!

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GrandPervs 2 Rita Daniels Jackie Hoff Chong Dong
GrandPervs 2 Rita Daniels Jackie Hoff Chong Dong

18 years old with over 40 years of experience, Rita Daniels is a sexty-year-old glamour girl, cover girl, center fold, and pornstar! This busty beauty is the pinnacle of grace and class, well-educated, traveled, and cultured to appeal to only the most refined of sexual tastes. A cougar on the prowl, Rita is tall and leggy, and keeps her body well-toned with daily workouts. Joining the smut biz for the rush of it all, Rita loves to live life to the fullest whether that’s boating in the Florida sun or just relaxing by the pool. Check out your new favorite GILF, Rita Daniels, in the videos below!

Short and stacked girl-next-door Jackie Hoff made sure to pick a name that would tell you exactly what to do while watching her videos. This petite babe broke into the adult biz in 2021 with some of the prettiest big natties on the scene, and despite her moniker, Jackie doesn’t spend a whole lot of time stroking cocks, because she’d much rather get to riding them! When she’s not getting dicked down, Jackie can usually be found lounging by the pool in a tiny bikini or enjoying some trashy TV, but those moments are few and far between, because cock isn’t just Jackie’s career, it’s also her passion!

Chong Dong loves to keep healthy and fit. With too many interests to pinpoint just one, Chong Dong spends his time in the gym, practicing martial arts training, and keeping his reflexes sharp with survival skills. Nothing makes this dickslinger happier than a steamy session… except, perhaps, a juicy set of tits! Pleasing tight pussies everywhere he goes, don’t miss Chong Dong in the scenes below.

Date: April 9, 2024