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GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some Pristine Edge Dakota Tyler Scott Nails full video 1080p full video


GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some Pristine Edge Dakota Tyler Scott Nails full video

Multi-talented dance & gymnastics teacher Pristine has invited college student & dance hopeful Dakota to her studio to practice for an upcoming tryout. Pristine is usually a consummate professional but is completely turned on by innocent Dakota as she stretches & trains her. Scott, the studio janitor spies on them & when Pristine leaves for a moment – he takes the opportunity to make his presence known in the most inappropriate of ways! Pristine & Scott sneakily make moves on an overwhelmed Dakota until they all cum together for a hot threesome!

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GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some Pristine Edge Dakota Tyler Scott Nails
GymnastyXXX Tutor 3some Pristine Edge Dakota Tyler Scott Nails

Pristine Edge, also known as Jane Douxxx, loved growing up in a big, traditional family, but it sure was hard to get the attention she craved, especially when she was competing with seventeen brothers and sisters. Still, with her boundless energy and stunning slender body, Miss Edge finally made it to the big time, and now that’s she’s got a little fame, she’s not giving it up any time soon. This lusty lady will do just about anything to further her porn career, but of all the dirty deeds at her disposal, Pristine really shines when she’s wrapped her pretty lips around a cock. Words like sloppy, slobbery, and slippery have been used to describe this sexy lady’s fellatio game, and what more could you ask for in a blowjob than a great big mess? Lately, she’s been kicking it up a notch in the dome department, trying to fit bigger and bigger dicks down her throat every day, because more than anything, this naughty nymph loves a challenge.

East Coast native Dakota Tyler is one of the freshest new talents in the biz. With her long, silky black hair, pretty freckled face, and petite frame, the five feet pin-up is stunningly beautiful to look at. It brings Dakota such liberation to strip off in front of the camera that she says she would stay naked all the time if she could! Prior to becoming a pornstar, the photogenic babe waitressed tables and was also a cheerleader at college. Now, she travels around meeting new and exciting people while working her dream job. A thrill-seeker at heart, Dakota’s an avid hiker and cliff jumper. When the adventurous spinner isn’t busy becoming acquainted with some of the biggest names in the industry, she also enjoys swimming and reading horror novels. Check out Dakota’s sweet smile and tight pussy in her sensational scenes down below!

It’s easy to see why this strapping stud calls himself Scott Nails: whether he’s nailing two-by-fours on a construction site or busty broads on screen, Scott always does a bang-up job. The former owner of a construction company, this hardworking hunk is no stranger to getting his hands dirty. And there’s nothing like a pair of big, rough hands to get a petite and pervy starlet going! After his company went under during the 2000 stock market crash, Scott was looking to change career paths in a big way, and knew just what he wanted to get into: the porn industry. Lucky for him, his then-girlfriend had recently invited him to do a boy-girl shoot with her, and he’d impressed the director so much that breaking into the biz was a cinch! Incredibly strong-willed with a mighty dick to match, Scott’s rugged good looks, penchant for playing rough, and no-bullshit attitude have made him a favorite amongst pervy viewers and porn princesses alike. There’s just something about the strong and silent type that women can’t resist, and adult film fans love watching them go wild for him! So for a gifted cocksman who’s truly tough as nails, treat yourself to Scott Nails’ super hot sex scenes today.

Date: April 8, 2024