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Invading Venus Venus Afrodita Jason Carrera


Invading Venus Venus Afrodita Jason Carrera

Venus Afrodita debuts her wild side in a showcase that leaves her cross-eyed with pleasure. The wild-haired beauty has all her privates on display in this gonzo-style treat for the eyes.

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Invading Venus Venus Afrodita Jason Carrera

Traditionally, the Greek gods were thought to live atop Mount Olympus, but divine Venus Afrodita can more often be found stretched out on the beaches of Barcelona! This tattooed Venezuelan alt babe has a long mane of wild curly locks and a stunning hardbodied figure with mouthwatering fake tits. Venus will have you picturing her standing atop a shell like she’s just stepped out of the sea foam, and she will definitely make you fall in love! A talented dancer whether she’s at the nightclub or onstage gripping the pole as she shows all her worshipers what she’s got, Venus’s passionate performances in scenes with some of Europe’s biggest talent make it clear that this babe may be a sex goddess, but she’s more importantly a red-blooded woman with a serious sexual appetite!

Barcelona bad boy Jason Carrera is a tough dude with a heart of gold and a million dollar dick! Jason is great with his hands, and knows how to make a woman melt with his massage skills. His hands are also dexterous with the pencil or paintbrush, and this art makes a masterpiece every time he fingers a pussy! Watch Jason flaunt his skills in the scenes below.

Date: August 28, 2023