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Skirt Pervert Naomi Foxxx Damion Dayski 1080p full video hd


Skirt Pervert Naomi Foxxx Damion Dayski

Damion Dayski’s girlfriend needs to tell him to calm the fuck down! He’s into his girlfriend’s mom, the short-skirted, sassy, MILF Naomi Foxxx. Damion’s girlfriend catches him putting his phone in strategic places to film under Naomi’s tiny, leather skirt. When the girlfriend exposes Damion’s pervy prank to her mom, Naomi doesn’t even bat an eye. Thicc and lusty Naomi was in on it all along! Furious, Naomi’s daughter storms out of the room. What a relief when Naomi and Damion can finally enjoy each other’s company alone.

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Skirt Pervert Naomi Foxxx Damion Dayski
Skirt Pervert Naomi Foxxx Damion Dayski

What’s the secret to getting with stunning swinger Naomi Foxxx? It’s not about the size of your cock or your bank account, it’s whether you can tickle her funnybone! “My biggest turn on is humor. If you can make me laugh you can most likely make me cum,” says Naomi, and you definitely want to make this squirter both giggle and gush! Naomi is just as skilled in the kitchen as she is in the bedroom, so when she wants to make a guy feel special, she’ll whip up a delicious meal before treating him to some of her expert deepthroating. Check her out now in the scenes below.

Damion Dayski is up for a good time any of the week ending in Y! This top-level cocksmith loves pleasing the ladies, no matter the time, place, or situation. When he isn’t fucking on film, Damion loves to travel, try new cuisines, and hang with friends. Check out Damion Dayski in the scenes below.

Date: June 12, 2024