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Sneaking Around With The Sister In Law Lyric Sky Mick Blue full video full video


Sneaking Around With The Sister In Law Lyric Sky Mick Blue

Mick Blue’s sister-in-law, Lyric Sky, is smoking hot, with huge tits and a juicy ass. Luckily for him, she’s visiting for the weekend and clearly seems keen to fuck when she strips right in front of him. Mick decides to shower to cool down, and sure enough, Lyric follows him in, narrowly slipping past Mick’s wife, who’s getting ready for bed. After nearly getting caught in the shower, Lyric follows Mick into bed, and they sneakily fuck right in front of Mick’s sleeping wife. A dream fuck for Lyric and Mick soon turns into a nightmare for his wife!

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Sneaking Around With The Sister In Law Lyric Sky Mick Blue
Sneaking Around With The Sister In Law Lyric Sky Mick Blue

To quote Shakespeare, Lyric Sky is simply “Goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!” The smokin’ hot San Antonio native boasts a stunning set of triple-D boobs, breaktaking curves, and a gorgeous face, which make her one of the most memorable female pornstars around. Lyric loves to put on a show, and one of her biggest fantasies is to get down and dirty in a public place. But don’t be fooled by Lyric’s fun, happy-go-lucky exterior, since the busty Texan is as wise as she is beautiful, and she expects any potential partner to engage with her in intellectual conversation as well as be dripping with sex appeal! When Lyric isn’t busy goofing around on set and getting her pussy licked and fucked, she enjoys traveling, singing, and keeping herself fit by doing sports. Check out the inked-up babe’s extraordinary scenes right here!

Hailing from the same town as Schwarzenegger, Mick Blue is the other Austrian Terminator: the Pussy Terminator! With a nine inch dick that dangles to his knees and bod sculpted by the gods, it’s no surprise that Mick won multiple AVN awards for “Best Male Performer of the Year” as well as an induction into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2017. A blue-eyed cocksmith with abs of steel, Mick has no problem dicking three to four chicks in a row, handing out orgasms like a human sex toy. Making his porno debut during a Parisian orgy, Mick out-fucked his competition and was eventually crowned “Last Cock Standing.” With 5 eager sluts passing his meat-bone around like a microphone in a karaoke bar, Mick knew at once that he had found his destiny! First dominating the European smut scene, Mick eventually brought his cock-wielding skills over to America and achieved superstar status. Now having starred in literally thousands of scenes and directed a few hundred to boot, it goes without saying: Mick Blue has one of the most recognizable blue-veiners in porn today.

Date: April 9, 2024