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Welcome to Humpers Park 2 Clarke Kent


Welcome to Humpers Park 2 Clarke Kent

Adorable Amber Stark is new to the trailer park and Clarke Kent, the local perv, takes notice of her walking by in her cut-off jean shorts. Amber is more than happy to meet all the neighbors, especially when they have big, hard, cocks like Clarke! Clarke manages to keep things hidden from his stunning wife, Jupiter Jetson, using a number of sneaky positions. However, when redheaded Jupiter catches the two going at it, she decides she wants in on the action. Why should Clarke have all the fun in the marriage, especially when three is so much more fun than two!

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Welcome to Humpers Park 2 Clarke Kent1

Amber Stark

All-natural spinner Ember Snow grew up in a strict home with a bunch of rules, so when she was finally able to break free, she got right to making up for her lost years of repressed sexuality! Until she left home, most of her personal interactions were behind a computer screen through online gaming. In fact, Ember only lost her virginity two years before her debut in porn, but once the floodgates were opened, a powerful sexual force was unleashed on the industry! Ember wanted the chance to explore her budding sexuality in a safe and controlled environment, so porn was a natural fit. A dominant personality, Ember loves being in control in the bedroom and using guys for her pleasure! Her face may be button-cute, but one look at her natural 34C tits, her bubble butt, and a pussy so tight air has trouble getting through, and you’re going to want to be shocked by the moves of Ember Snow!


It’s easy to see why this muscular hunk calls himself Clarke Kent: his sexual prowess, sculpted body, and rugged jawline make this British Adonis a superhero in his own right, who is set to sweep the world’s most beautiful babes off their feet and leave them weak at the knees with his almighty dick! When he isn’t banging pussies in a sizzling shoot, Clarke works on maintaining his chiseled physique, which is complimented by his friendly, outgoing nature and the fun-loving joy he exudes when meeting and socializing with new people. Don’t miss one of the most popular male performers as he fucks his way to the top of the adult industry – blasting out multiple cumshots along the way!

Date: August 28, 2023